Our Programs

  • We begin with a free, 30-minute telephone consultation followed by a formal, no obligation Information Session and screening test held in our office to help individuals decide if our training meets their needs.
  • Most clients work with our enhanced version of the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) Clients purchase a lifetime subscription to the online version along with the manual. Clients come in twice a month for individual coaching. Then, with their permission, we listen to their assigned daily practice on our instructor’s playback site and send our recorded feedback.
  • We also offer three additional specialized programs for individuals in the medical professions, for speakers of regional dialects and an advanced program for individuals who have successfully completed the PESL and want to perfect their pronunciation even further.

Steps to Success

Step 1.We begin with a free telephone consultation.

Step 2. An information session is held to demonstrate the materials and conduct two brief accent screening tests.

Step 3. A comprehensive individual evaluation which assesses accent features including intonation as well as grammar, understanding of idioms and word knowledge, is digitally recorded and analyzed. This is administered again as a post test. We provide written initial and final reports and before/after digital sound fiiles. An individualized curriculum is developed from the results of this evaluation.

Step 4. The client purchases materials for the appropriate program.

Step 5. We provide an individual, customized tutorial.