Our Mission

The mission of Triangle Speech Services is to help individuals whose accented speech is difficult to understand, speak English clearly and confidently using “listener friendly” speech patterns. Your speech is your “vocal resume.” We can help you sound confident, articulate, clear, dynamic and successful!

Communication Matters!

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About Triangle Speech Services

We have offered a variety of accent modification programs in a customized format since 2005. In addition to a basic program for accent modification, The Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language), we offer programs designed for medical professionals, a program for Americans who want to reduce their regional dialects and our own Targeted Coaching Program to help clients prepare for a presentation or job interview. We teach EVERY client how to decode the Standard American English pronunciation of any word using the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), along with intonation rules and notation. Clients digitally record all sessions and use a phonetic dictionary that now has a complete “app” for smart phones!

Meet the Instructor

Ms. Bergman has 40+ years of experience serving a variety of persons with communication disorders across diverse settings including private and public schools, hospitals and assisted living centers. She was an instructor in the Duke University Evening and Weekend Programs and provided workshops for international students in the Duke Departments of Math and Physics.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are a cross section of the foreign-born professionals living or studying in the Triangle: •    College professors, a post-doctoral fellow in biology, an MBA candidate, biochemists, chemical engineers, statisticians, a geneticist, electrical engineers, mechanical  and industrial engineers •    Corporate and credit union managers, IT managers, software developers and testers, financial analysts •    Physicians, nurses, nurse educators, pharmacists, a medical technologist, a dental hygienist •    Market researchers, marketing managers •    A journalist, an ESL teacher, elementary, middle school and preschool teachers •    An administrative assistant

About Accents

What causes a “foreign” accent EVERYONE who was first exposed to a second language after the age of four or five will speak it with some degree of “accent” for these reasons •    English as a foreign language is taught and learned backwards: from reading to speaking and not through natural immersion from speech to reading! The spelling of American English words does not tell a reader how to pronounce them. •    The repertoire of speech sounds is different in different languages •    All languages are rule based and the rules for pronunciation are different in every language and learned and used unconsciously. Click the image to the left to go to the About Accents page which contains videos explaining these reasons.

Available Now!

Mastering Meaning: Harnessing the Power of American English by Judith L. Bergman M.A. CCC SLP. This valuable resource for advanced ESL speakers features short chapters on the correct usage of idioms, multiple meaning words, articles prepositions and pronunciation guidelines. The book is divided into four sections: Part I – Playing with Words: Using Idioms and Metaphors Part II – Painting with Words: Choosing the Right Shade of Meaning Part III – Grappling with Grammar Part IV – Pronouncing Words. Order from Lulu.com or Amazon.com